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Bibliography of publications
of the Communist Party of Ireland

This is a comprehensive list of the publications (excluding periodicals) of the CPI from its found­ing in 1933, including the former imprint New Books. (It should also be borne in mind that the commun­ist party in the South was known as the Irish Workers’ League from 1948 to 1962 and Irish Workers’ Party from 1962 to 1970.)

The entries are arranged by date of publi­cation. Some of the more recent titles are still in print; enquiries should be addressed to Connolly Books.

We realise that this list may con­tain errors or omis­sions, and we would be very happy to receive .

Ireland’s Path to Freedom: Manifesto of the Commun­ist Party of IrelandDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1933
Reprinted 1938
[Pat Devine]The Dublin Tram Strike and UnityDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1936
Seán MurrayThe Irish Revolt: 1916 and AfterDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland
Jointly published with Commun­ist Party of Great Britain, London
[c. 1936]
Craigavon in the Dock: An Indictment by the Commun­ist Party of IrelandBelfastProgres­sive Publi­cations Society1938
Communist Party of IrelandTransport in Northern Ireland: Private Profit or Social Service?BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1939
Wlliam GallacherFreedom or Slavery?: Speech Made at Co-operative Hall, Belfast, by W. GallacherBelfastCommunist Party[1942]
W. H. McCulloughChanges Are Needed at StormontBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1942]
Ireland’s Way Forward: Report of Irish Commun­ist Confer­ence, Belfast, October 1942BelfastCommun­ist Party1942
Betty SinclairUlster Women and the War!BelfastBelfast District, Commun­ist Party1942
W. H. McCulloughBut Victory Sooner . . .BelfastBelfast District, Commun­ist Party of Ireland[1943]
Ireland Looks to Labour [Report by W. H. McCullough to 2nd Congress, 2 October 1943, and text of reso­lutions]BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1943
Michael McInerneyNorthern Labour and the Commun­ist PartyBelfastCommun­ist Party1943
W. H. McCulloughFor a Prosper­ous Ulster: An Explana­tion of the Commun­ist Party’s Policy for Northern IrelandBelfastCommun­ist Party[1944]
Michael McInerneyThe Future of the Belfast Ship­yards: Com­piled as the Result of Discus­sion by Members of the Ship­yard Commun­ist Group (Commun­ist Policy Pamph­let no. 2)BelfastCommun­ist Party[1945]
Ulster and the New Britain: Commun­ist Congress, Belfast, March 1945: Final Reso­lu­tions and Congress Discus­sionBelfastCommun­ist Party1945
Michael McInerneyYour Job—Your FutureBelfastCommun­ist Party1945
Betty SinclairHomes for UlsterBelfastCommun­ist Party1945
Let’s Build a New Ulster [elec­tion manifesto]Belfast 1945
Benjamin FarringtonThe Challenge of SocialismDublinEditorial Board of Review[c. 1946]
Irish Workers’ LeagueIrish Workers’ Road to Free­dom: Manifesto of the Irish Workers’ LeagueDublinIrish Workers’ League1949
James ConnollySongs of LabourDublinNew Books1952
Andrew BarrNorth Ireland for Peace and Social­ismBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1952]
James ConnollyLabour, Nationality and Religion [1910]DublinNew Books Publica­tions1954
Reprinted 1962, 1969, 1972, 1983
James ConnollyLabour in Irish History [1910]DublinNew Books Publica­tions1956
Reprinted 1967, 1971, 1973, 1983
Emigration Can Be Ended: Irish Workers’ League ManifestoDublin 1956
Ireland’s Way Forward: Pro­gramme of the Irish Workers’ PartyDublin
Ireland Her Own: Pro­gramme of the Irish Workers’ Party: Adopted at its Fourth Congress [1962]DublinIrish Workers’ Party1963
Ireland’s Path to Socialism: Pro­gramme of the Commun­ist Party, N. Ireland, Adopted at the 11th Congress in Belfast, June, 1962BelfastCommun­ist Party, N. Ireland1963
Joseph DeasyFiery Cross: The Story of Jim LarkinDublinNew Books Publica­tions
Reissued in 2004 by the Irish Labour History Society (of which the author was presi­dent) in honour of his eightieth birthday
Unite Labour: No Surrender to the Monopolies, Invest in Democ­racy, Take Path to Progres­sive Parlia­ment, End Union­ist Domina­tion: Commun­ist Policy State­ment [based on the reports and discus­sion at the 12th Congress of the Commun­ist Party, held in Belfast on 30 and 31 January 1965]BelfastN. Ireland Communist Party1965
A. Raftery [Paddy Carmody]The Teach­ings of Padraig Pearse (Golden Jubilee Year Series, no. 1)DublinNew Books1966
Joseph DeasyThe Teach­ings of James Connolly: With a Brief Out­line of His LifeDublinNew Books1966
Seán Nolan1916—Easter Week—1966DublinIrish Socialist1966
James ConnollyRevolu­tionary War­fare [1915]DublinNew Books Publica­tions1968
James ConnollyErin’s Hope: The End and the Means [1897] and The New Evangel Preached to Irish Toilers [1901]DublinNew Books Publica­tions1968
Reprinted 1972
 For Unity and Socialism: Manifesto of the Commun­ist Party of IrelandDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1970
[V. I. Lenin]Lenin on IrelandDublinNew Books Publica­tions1970
Communist Party Election Manifesto: Unite—Defeat Unionism!BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1970
A Democratic Solution: Programme Adopted by the Commun­ist Party of Ireland, 15th Congress, BelfastBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1971
James ConnollyThe Re-Conquest of Ireland [1915]DublinNew Books Publica­tions1972
Reprinted 1983
Betty SinclairUnemploymentDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1972]978-0-904618-00-6
A. Raftery [Paddy Carmody]The Exploited Island: The Econ­omic and Class Back­ground to Ireland’s CrisisDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1972978-0-904618-01-3
Britain Created “The Irish Ques­tion”: A State­ment by the Commun­ist Party of Ireland on the Northern CrisisDublin and BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1972978-0-904618-02-0
Robert WebbPR in NewtownabbeyBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1972]978-0-904618-03-7
James ConnollyPhysical Force in Irish Politics [1899]BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland[c. 1973]978-0-904618-04-4
R. Palme DuttIreland: Battle­front for Demo­cracy [reprinted from Labour Monthly, July 1974]DublinNew Books Publica­tions1974978-0-904618-05-1
Ireland in Crisis: The Communist Answer: Docu­ments of the 16th Congress of the Commun­ist Party of Ireland, Held in Dublin, March 1975DublinNew Books Publica­tions, for the Commun­ist Party of Ireland[1975]978-0-904618-06-8
Seán Nolan, editorCommunist Party of Ireland: Outline HistoryDublinNew Books Publica­tions1975978-0-904618-07-5
Máirtín Ó Cadhain (translated by Seosamh Ó Díochan)The Language Move­ment: A Move­ment Astray [English transla­tion of Gluaiseacht na Gaeilge: Gluaiseacht ar Strae (1971)]Baile Átha CliathPáirtí Cumannach na hÉireann1975978-0-904618-08-2
Helena SheehanCommunism and the Emanci­pation of WomenDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1976978-0-904618-09-9
Which Way for Socialism? [a critique of (official) Sinn Féin’s new econ­omic policy, originally published in the Irish Socialist, March and April 1977]DublinIrish Social­ist Publica­tions[1977]978-0-904618-10-5
James StewartCommun­ists Answer QuigleyBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1977]978-0-904618-11-2
Michael O’RiordanPages from History: On Irish-Soviet RelationsDublin[Commun­ist Party of Ireland][1977]978-0-904618-12-9
James StewartThe Struggle in the NorthBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1977]
Reprinted 1980
For People’s Unity: Documents of the 17th National Congress of the Commun­ist Party of Ireland [February 1979]Dublin and BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1979978-0-904618-14-3
Michael O’RiordanConnolly Column: The Story of the Irish­men who Fought in the Ranks of the Inter­national Brigades in the National-Revolutionary War of the Spanish People, 1936–1939DublinNew Books

Re­issued in 2005 by Warren and Pell, Pontypool (ISBN 978-0-9548904-2-1)
New Life for Our City: The Commun­ist Party’s Plan for DublinDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1979978-0-904618-16-7
Taxation and the Economy: Tax the Rich—Not the Workers (Red Paper no. 1)DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1979]978-0-904618-17-4
The Case Against Carnsore: Nuclear Power, Econ­omics and SovereigntyDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1980]978-0-904618-18-1
[James Connolly]Breaking the Chains: Selected Writ­ings of James Connolly on Women[Belfast]Northern Area Women’s Com­mittee, Commun­ist Party of Ireland1981978-0-904618-19-8
For Peace Independence and Social­ism: Docu­ments of the 18th National Congress of the Commun­ist Party of Ireland / Páirtí Cumannach na hÉireann, Dublin, May 1982DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1982978-0-904618-20-4
National Women's CommitteePortrait of a Commun­ist Woman: Lily AndersonBelfastNational Women's Com­mittee, Commun­ist Party of Ireland1982978-0-904618-21-1
Eoin Ó MurchúThe Workers’ Party: Its Evolu­tion and Its Future: A Critique [off­print from Irish Social­ist Review, September 1982]DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1982978-0-904618-22-8
Clondalkin: A Workers’ VictoryDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1983978-0-904618-24-2
Wolfe Tone in Song and StoryBelfastCPI Student Group, Northern Area[c. 1984]978-0-904618-25-9
Peadar O’DonnellNot Yet, Emmet: A Wreath on the Grave of Seán MurrayDublinNew Books
Reprinted by Connolly Youth Move­ment, Belfast, 2009
The Anglo-Irish Agreement: The Commun­ist AnalysisBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland[c. 1986]978-0-904618-27-3
Documents of the 19th Congress of the Commun­ist Party of IrelandDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1986978-0-904618-28-0
Karl Marx and Frederick EngelsClár na Comhar­sheilbhe: Forógra Pháirtí na gCumannach [Irish trans­lation of Manifesto of the Commun­ist Party (1848)]Baile Átha CliathPáirtí Cumannach na hÉireann1986978-0-904618-29-7
James ConnollyCollected Works [two volumes]DublinNew Books Publi­cations1987978-0-904618-30-3
A Spectre Is Haunting Ireland: The Commun­ist Analysis of the Position of Women in IrelandBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1987978-0-904618-31-0
Democratic Rights: A Communist Party Discus­sion PamphletBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1988]978-0-904618-32-7
West Belfast BranchA Development Programme for West BelfastBelfastWest Belfast Branch, Commun­ist Party of Ireland[1988]978-0-904618-33-4
“Armed Struggle”: The Communist Party’s Open Letter to the Provisional IRA and the Com­plete and Un­edited Contri­butions to the Debate that Appeared in the Party’s Press “Irish Social­ist” and “Unity” (Commun­ist Party pamphlet)Dublin and BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1988978-0-904618-34-1
Francis DevineAndy Barr: An Undiminished DreamBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland
Reprinted from Saothar: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society, no. 16 (1991), p. 95–111
James StewartThe Great Orange Myth: The Williamite War in Ireland, 1688–92 (Commun­ist Party pamphlet)DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland[1992]978-0-904618-36-5
Submission to National Forum for Peace and Reconcili­ationDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland1995978-0-904618-37-2
CPI National Executive CommitteeCommun­ist Party of Ireland Opinion on Issues for All-Party TalksDublin and BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland1998978-0-904618-39-6
Common Cause: Programme of the Commun­ist Party of Ireland: Adopted by the 22nd National Congress, Sep­tem­ber 2001 DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2002978-0-904618-40-2
Public Transport: Keep It Public or Lose It to Private ProfitDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2004978-0-904618-41-9
Lynda Walker (editor)Their Songs Not Forgotten: Songs to Com­memor­ate the 70th Anni­versary of the Spanish Anti-Fascist WarBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland2006978-0-904618-42-6
For a People’s Politics: Documents of the 23rd National Congress of the Commun­ist Party of Ireland, Belfast, Novem­ber 2006Dublin and BelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland2007978-0-904618-43-3
John FosterEconomics for Workers (James Connolly Memorial Lecture, 2009)DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2009978-0-904618-44-0
An Economy for the Common Good: Strategy for a New Direc­tionDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2009978-0-904618-45-7
Deirdre Uí BhrógáinWomen and the Euro­pean Union: Paper Presented to Desmond Greaves Summer School, Dublin, 13 September 2009DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2009978-0-904618-46-4
Andrew Murray21st-Century Anti-Imperialism (James Connolly Memorial Lecture, 2010)DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland
Jointly published with Manifesto Press, London (ISBN 978-1-907464-04-1)
12th International Meeting of Commun­ist and Workers’ Parties: Address by Seán Edwards (CPI), and the Tshwane Declar­ationDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2011978-0-904618-48-8
Build the People’s Resistance—Build the People’s Alterna­tive: Docu­ments of the 24th National Congress of the Commun­ist Party of Ireland, 2010DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2011978-0-904618-49-5
Repudiate the Debt: For a Better FutureDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2011978-0-904618-50-1
Áine Ní ChathasaighThe Equality Delusion: Paper Presented to the 22nd Desmond Greaves Summer School, Dublin, 12 Sep­tem­ber 2010DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2011978-0-904618-51-8
Michael QuinnThe Making of an Irish Commun­ist Leader: The Life and Times of Michael O’Riordan, 1938–1947DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2011978-0-904618-52-5
The Challenge for Trade Union­ismDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2011978-0-904618-53-2
Jorge CadimaThe European Union: New Develop­ments in Imperial­ism (James Connolly Memorial Lecture, 2011)DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2011978-0-904618-54-9
Robert GriffithsNationality, Nations, and Imperial­ist Globali­sation (James Connolly Memorial Lecture, 2012)DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2012978-0-904618-55-6
Kerry FleckSaving the Planet or Saving Capital­ism?DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2012978-0-904618-56-3
Des GuckianAn Undesirable Alien: Jimmy Gralton: The Life of a Leitrim Social­ist, 1886–1945DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2012978-0-904618-57-0
Charlie McGuireNinety Years of Struggle: The Legacy of the First Commun­ist Party of Ireland (1921)DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2012978-0-904618-58-7
James Petras21st-Century Imperial­ism: Militar­ism, Collabor­ators, and Popu­lar Resist­ance (James Connolly Memorial Lecture, 2013)DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2013978-0-904618-59-4
An Introduction to the Communist Party of IrelandDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2014978-0-904618-60-0
Brian HanleyRemember with Rage: Irish Partici­pation in the First World WarDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2014978-0-904618-61-7
Debt: A Weapon Against the PeopleDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2014978-0-904618-62-4
Eddie GlackinThe Bloody Trail of Imperial­ism: The Origins of the First World WarDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2015978-0-904618-63-1
Thomas MetscherThe Marxism of James ConnollyDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2015978-0-904618-64-8
Thomas MetscherThe Radicalism of SwiftDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2015978-0-904618-65-5
George GilmoreThe Relevance of James Connolly in Ireland Today [1970]DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2015978-0-904618-66-2
Eoghan M. Ó NéillTrading Away Democracy: How TTIP and Other Trade Agree­ments Will Destroy People’s RightsDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2016978-0-904618-67-9
James ConnollyBreaking the Chains: Selected Writ­ings of James Connolly on Women (2nd edition)BelfastNorthern Area Women’s Com­mittee, Commun­ist Party of Ireland2016978-0-904618-68-6
Greg GodelsThe Russian Revolution and Its Continued Relevance: James Connolly Memorial Lecture, 2017DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2017978-0-904618-69-3
Break the Connection with Imperialism! Documents of the 25th National Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland, November 2017DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2018978-0-904618-70-9
The Challenge of Connolly: James Connolly Com­memor­ation, 2018DublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2018978-0-904618-71-6
Lynda WalkerLiving in an Armed Patri­archy: Public Protest, Domestic Acqui­escenceBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland2019978-0-904618-72-3
Dónal DonnellyThe Legacy of Peadar O’DonnellBelfastCommun­ist Party of Ireland2019978-0-904618-73-0
An Introduction to the Communist Party of Ireland (2nd edition)DublinCommun­­ist Party of Ireland2020978-0-904618-74-7
Capitalism Cannot Solve Its Many Crises: James Connolly Memorial Lecture and James Connolly CommemorationDublinCommun­ist Party of Ireland2020978-0-904618-75-4

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