Mary Harney: One down, a lot more to go

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland
8 September 2006

The departure of Mary Harney as leader of the Progressive Democrats has been welcomed throughout the country in communities suffering under current Government policies. Bertie Ahern and Fianna Fáil have successfully hidden behind Harney and the PDs, using them as a cover for wholesale privatisation and the selling of public property.
     Her role as Minister for Health has been one of a Trojan horse in the interests of private medicine and the big pharmaceutical corporations, examples of which have been the handing over of state land for the building of private hospitals and her refusal to bring a case against global pharmaceutical corporations in support of Irish haemophiliacs.
     She is no loss to Irish democracy, and Irish workers can breathe a sigh of relief that one is gone, with a good few more to follow.

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