18 August 2012     


Imperialist meddling, again!

Since the start of the “Arab Spring,” beginning in Tunisia, we have seen imperialism, assisted by its reactionary Arab allies, such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, attempt to influence the course of events. Their role in Libya, using the most duplicitous means, was exposed for all the world to see.
     As usual the media, especially the BBC, echo the aims of imperialism in their designation of the present conflict in Syria, with its demonisation of the Syrian government and the role of China and Russia, which certainly are not going to allow themselves to be duped with another type of UN resolution like the one over Libya.
     Very little, if anything, is said about the aims and make-up of the opposition forces in Syria, and certainly attempts are made to avoid any mention of atrocities committed by the rebels, as surely there have been.
     Nothing is said about the real involvement by the imperialist powers, other than the “humanitarian” aid that is given. No comment is made about the role of mercenaries amongst the opposition ranks, many of whom would be designated as terrorists by those very same governments that are adept at turning a blind eye when it suits them.
     The demands by the rebels for more external aid is certainly weakening their support amongst the Syrian people, as is their religious sectarianism.  
     What started off as a movement for more democracy, so we are told, is now rapidly turning into a civil war, which will only benefit imperialism.
     The Syrian people need to be left alone to determine their own future. A ceasefire by both sides and an end to imperialist meddling would go a long way to ensuring that.

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