4 August 2012     

Pennies from Heaven

By Lynda Walker

The July holidays passed by with the usual accompaniment of rain, the Orange Order marches and opposition demos. Nothing new in that. The Orange Order tried to excuse some of the anti-sectarian behaviour—in particular the band that played the “Famine Song,” to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Sloop John B” outside one of the most well-known chapels in Belfast, by saying that the band “did not know that it was a church.”
     Of course, the Order would be particularly concerned about the “bad image” in view of the fact that they netted in the region of £800,000 peace funding from Belfast City Council to promote cultural peace and positive community relations in what is now euphemistically called the “Orange Fest.”
     Many people questioned the allocation of this money to an organisation that grew from sectarian roots. Much needs to be asked about how this money is being spent and the objectives behind the funding.

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