1 May 2012     

End the system that creates poverty in the midst of plenty

By Lynda Walker

The Communist Party of Ireland sends May Day greetings to workers of the world. We send special greetings to our comrades in Russia, who are marking the 100th anniversary of Pravda. On May Day 100,000 people marched in Moscow.
     We proudly rally on May Day, as we have done for many years. We want an end to wars. We want a better world for everyone, not just the few. The old initiation address of the former Amalgamated Engineering Union hits the nail on the head in saying: May we live to see the day when the unity of the working class becomes so strong that we can end the system that creates poverty in the midst of plenty and replace it with a just and equitable one that rewards those who render useful service to society.
     We have a double burden to bear in Ireland. We are a divided country, and so we have to fight two reactionary governments; but the trade union movement has the potential to unite the workers in the struggles. Communists call for the fight back and the building of unity of the working class in the struggles against capitalism.
     In Belfast last month community and trade union activists met in the Unite offices. There was an overwhelming desire to shift the politics of oppression and apathy. There were calls both from the platform and from the floor for direct action.
     By coincidence, women’s movement activists had taken a decision the day before to have a protest in Belfast on Tuesday 1 May. The protest took place inside and outside the Job Centre in Great Victoria Street. There were several women’s centres and women’s organisations. Unison members brought their flags, and members of the Belfast Trades Council, Unite, SIPTU and NIPSA were present. A total of nine women carried out the sit-in protest inside the Job Centre and explained to the staff and claimants why they were protesting. We salute the women who took this initiative.
     On 10 May strike action has been called for as part of the campaign to force the UK Government to enter into proper and meaningful negotiations on the changes planned for public service pensions; we must rally to this call.
     We give solidarity to the workers in the South of Ireland who are fighting the housing charges, campaigning to Repudiate the Debt and like us are fighting imperialist policies of the European Union. We call upon workers, their trade unions and people's mass organisations to resist these renewed attacks and to mobilise and assert a working-class response to the crisis of state monopoly capitalism.

May Day in Belfast
May Day in Dublin

     These are important beginnings; we have to start somewhere. As communists we know that the system we live under has to be changed. Capitalism will never provide for the entire human race. On the contrary, the practice and ideology of greed and individualism will lead to its destruction. That is why we must stand up, unite, and fight the fight.

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