4 February 2012     


Need to respond

Anybody who still believes that the Tories could ever shed themselves of the Nasty Party image had only to see David Cameron a few days ago addressing a group of people on the question of benefit capping to realise once and for all that they are totally incapable of losing that image.
     It was a simple exercise of diverting people’s attention away from the real problems to one of scapegoating the vulnerable and, of course something the Tories are good at, using the tactic of divide and rule. Was his speech any different from that of Enoch Powell, who railed against immigration ?
     There is no doubt that the more backward elements in society will believe that anyone on benefits will be in receipt of the magical sum of £26,000.
     Powell was condemned on the basis that his speech was seen as incitement to hatred. Were Cameron’s comments any different ?
     Could they be construed as incitement to hatred? Well, in these times of hardship, yes, they can.
     A few weeks ago this man spoke of Christian values, yet Jesus of Nazareth acted on behalf of the downtrodden and oppressed. Mr Cameron speaks on behalf of those who are doing the downtrodding and oppressing, hence his attitude to the filthy rich, of which he is one.
     He has publicly backed the setting up of the Trade Union Reform Campaign by his reactionary mates, such as Aiden Burley, now notorious for his attendance at a Nazi-themed stag party, who is spearheading the campaign, alongside the communities secretary, Eric Pickles, who must have one of the most misnamed jobs of all time, and, would you believe it, the disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox.
     We would be tempted to label this trio as the Three Stooges, but that would be a gross insult to the Three Stooges. Funny this mob are not.
     These people are waging class war. The trade union movement needs to respond in a like manner.

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