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Messages of solidarity from fraternal parties

Communist Party of Australia
Central Committee

Dear Comrades,
     The Communist Party of Australia sends best wishes and revolutionary greetings to all participants in the 24th National Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland.
     This important event in the life of the people of Ireland takes place at a time of struggle against the impact of capitalism‘s economic crisis on the living standards and democratic rights of working people all round the world.
     It is becoming clearer that the capitalist system is unable to satisfy the needs of the working people. Capitalist policies are in fact impoverishing the people and taking away many of our rights won in struggles over the years. Every aspect of life on the planet is falling prey to imperialism. Workers and other sections of society are continually forced to confront the big transnational corporations who are intensifying their exploitation of the world‘s people and resources.
     The issues facing your party are similar to those facing us on the other side of the world. The crises of capitalism, of energy, global warming and food affect all on our common planet. Capitalism cannot solve them but tries to manage them by increasing the exploitation of workers and robbing them of their hard won gains. This process is going on in Australia just as it is in Ireland.
     Now is the time when a broad democratic movement that unites all left and progressive parties, trade unions, community organisations and progressive individuals is needed to start challenging the economic and political power of capitalism and imperialism. We applaud your focus on building the Party and building the people‘s resistance. The Communist Party of Australia believes that communist parties must work to draw together all left and progressive parties into a popular anti-imperialist, anti-monopoly democratic front, building the widest possible unity in action of the people‘s organisations. At the same time, the working class and revolutionary parties must retain their independence and ideological integrity.
     In the spirit of proletarian internationalism we send you our very best wishes for the great success of your Congress.

Камуністычная партыя Беларусі
Communist Party of Belarus
Central Committee

Dear Comrades! Dear friends!
     The Communist Party of Belarus sends its warm greetings to the participants and the guests of the 24th Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland.
     The experience of historical development and socio-political practice shows that the deeper economic and financial crisis of capitalism is, the greater attacks are being unleashed on the communist and leftist parties by the bourgeois ideologues and the media. Recently, we witness more and more attempts to falsify history, to demonize communism, portraying it as having a lot in common with fascism.
     Now more than ever the communist parties of the world must be strong and united in order to repel this massive assault on the communist and workers’ movement.
     The Communists of Belarus send to the delegates and guests of the 24th Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland their most sincere wishes of a successful, thoughtful and informed decisions in the interests of protection of fundamental interests of workers and of the strengthening of the international communist and workers’ movement.

Partij van de Arbeid | Parti du Travail de Belgique
Workers’ Party of Belgium
National Council

Dear Comrades,
     On behalf of the National Council of the Workers’ Party of Belgium we express our warmest fraternal greetings to all of you.
     As communist parties, we both face the challenges of the deepening crisis of the capitalist system itself. The workers are burdened with new measures of ever severer exploitation. The democratic and trade-union rights are threatened, and the world peace is more and more endangered by the imperialist policy of the USA and its NATO-allies.
     The narrow and reactionary nationalist movement, which tries to ultimately split Belgium, our country, although not a new phenomenon, is nevertheless today part of the overall policy of the most powerful part of the bourgeoisie in the north of our country, Flanders, the current richest region of Belgium.
     They want a Europe of the richest regions and therefore, they need to break the solidarity of the working class. They pretend that this policy is in favor of the people—but by analysing their programme, it’s crystal clear that they only want to break down the conquests of the working class, the gains of hundred years of common class struggle of the workers of the whole country.
     Dear comrades,
     The coming years are not only a challenge, they are also an opportunity. Working people can understand better than ever since the Second World War that capitalism offers no future for them. As we strengthen our parties, extend our militant mass work, improve our organisations, we can help the workers find the path towards socialism. That’s our common alternative to this system of worsening conditions for the workers of our countries, for the peoples of this earth.
     We are in full solidarity with your efforts.
     We wish you a very successful National Congress and look forward to the continuing deepening of the friendship and fraternity between our two parties.

Partido Comunista do Brasil
Communist Party of Brazil
Central Committee

Dear comrades,
     In the occasion of the 24th National Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland, to be held on September 25, near the city of Dublin, the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) sends its heartfelt salutations for the accomplishment of that utmost event of Ireland’s communists. We expect that all objectives in the political, organizational and ideological fields are fully achieved. We hope to be informed on the main decisions made in your 24th National Congress in due course.
     Capitalism undergoes a structural crisis that will not reach a virtuous solution that is favorable to nations and workers within the limits of the capitalist system. In response to the downward course of its hegemony in the economic field—and consequently in the political field—the American imperialism gears up its war machine and prepares new wars. The USA and NATO are increasing their global military presence and action in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
     Besides Iran and other countries in other continents, the USA threatens Cuba and Venezuela in our region, where the struggle for peace and against military bases in Latin America and the Caribbean constitutes an important battle we are waging in this region now.
     In our continent, we are making progress, tackling the changes that people demand in many countries in which we are part of national governments, despite the counter-offensive of imperialism, of the right and media monopolies, symbolized by the coup in Honduras.
     In Brazil, the presidential election will take place in 10 days and will define the maintenance of the present progressive route that our country has been following. PCdoB, as part of a broad democratic and popular front, is willing to grow with the support of workers and the majority of the people.

Communist Party of Britain
Executive Committe

Dear Comrades,
     The Communist Party of Britain sends international greetings and solidarity to the Communist Party of Ireland on the occasion of its 2010 Congress.
     Our two parties have long-standing and deep bonds of solidarity arising from our common fight against British imperialism and its allies in the US and the EU. Over the last two years Irish Communists played a key role in mobilizing the fight-back against the embodiment of these imperialist forces in the Lisbon Treaty, a fight-back that was important for working people across Europe.
     Today British Communists see these links of solidarity as even more vital in the context of the current capitalist crisis and the onslaught launched against working people in Britain and Ireland north and south.
     At our own Congress next month our Executive will be asking delegates to support the following proposals for action:
     The Communist Party will seek to:
(i) Work jointly with comrades in the Irish trade union and progressive movements to challenge the anti-people policies of state-monopoly capitalism organised at the level of the EU.
(ii) Expose British finance capital’s use of Britain’s territorial possession to exploit the people of Ireland both directly and by perpetuating divisions among its people.
(iii) Win an understanding in the trade union movement of the need for the British government to become an active persuader for unity and to see this work as part and parcel of combating the continuing legacy of British imperialism.
     We wish you every success in the work of your Congress.

Komunistická strana Čech a Moravy
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

Dear Comrades,
     On behalf of mine as well as of all the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, I’d like to express the most cordial comradely greetings to the 24th National Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland.
     Your Congress is going on at a time when Europe as well as the world has been hit by the capitalist crisis. The crisis affects people of Ireland, of the Czech Republic as well as of any other part of the world. All of us together, we express our solidarity towards all the workers and peoples who resist. The ruling capitalists pretend that they have nothing to do with the crisis, and all the means to be useful to overcome it they sink in private profits as well as in military adventures to support especially both NATO and the US. To be able to deal with this adverse situation, we need the Left to co-operate with unity, and to be able to respond efficiently, more than ever before.
     With the deepest interest, we will study both the results and decisions of your Congress and we will continue to look at the developments in your country. We firmly believe that your Congress will make a contribution to seek a path towards a solution, the path to improve the living conditions of Irish people, the path towards a just society, towards living in peace and in conditions fit for human beings, and for living of every individual. To reach it, I wish you every success on behalf of mine, of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia’s both Central Committee and all its membership.

Parti communiste français
French Communist Party

Dear Comrades,
      We thank you for your solidarity message to our Party.
     It is now our turn to express our interest for the evolution of the economic and political situation in your country, including, our common wish of a democratic solution to the important national Irish question.
     After imposing hard sacrifices to the Irish People, the Irish Government and the capitalist forces, which support it in Ireland and in Europe are about to worsen even more the politics of austerity and social regression, as well as they try to submit European Peoples to the imperialist politics of the USA and NATO.
     All this is giving rise to multiple mobilizations in France and in the world, and we appreciate the contribution that your country is bringing to these struggles.
     We extend to you our best wishes of success in the occasion of your Congress.

Deutsche Kommunistische Partei
German Communist Party
Party Board

Liebe Genossinnen und Genossen,
     vor Eurem 24. Parteitag stehen wichtige Aufgaben. Die kapitalistische Krise berührt die Lebensverhältnisse aller werktätigen Menschen auf Eurer Insel, in der Republik Irland ebenso wie im Norden. Wie überall in Europa nutzen die Herrschenden die Krise, um mit „Sparprogrammen“ ihren Angriff auf die Löhne, die Renten und die erkämpften sozialen Errungenschaften der arbeitenden Menschen vorzutragen. Dabei versuchen sie, mit nationalistischen Parolen die Arbeiterklasse zu spalten und Migranten zum Sündenbock zu machen.
     Eure Partei hat eine große Tradition, in der irischen Arbeiterklasse einigend und organisierend zu wirken. Wir wissen, Ihr werdet diesen Kampf geschlossen führen und dabei Erfolge erringen.
     Zu Eurem Parteitag wünschen wir Euch Kraft, Mut und Geschlossenheit, um die vor Euch und der Arbeiterklasse Irlands liegenden Kämpfe zu meistern.

Κομμουνιστικό Κόμμα Ελλάδας
Communist Party of Greece
Central Committee

Dear comrades,
     We extend all the warmest greetings to the 24th Congress of your Party. Your Congress is held in conditions marked by the deepening of the capitalist crisis and the intensification of intra-imperialist contradictions and rivalries at global level.
     The example of both our countries shows the class anti-people character of the capitalist path of development. It’s a fact that under the conditions of growth in the capitalist economy the profits of capital increased while the position of the working people deteriorated. Nowadays the plutocracy in each country intensifies its attack in order to place the burden of the crisis on the workers’ shoulders. This crisis is a crisis of capital overproduction that reveals the historical limits of the capitalist system. The view that attributes the crisis to the neoliberal management distorts the real causes of the crisis and beautifies the very capitalist system. The crisis shows the historical limits of the capitalist system, the timeliness of the socialist perspective, the working class state power, the socialization of the means of production, the central planning and the workers’ control.
     Under these conditions the strengthening of the communist parties and the international communist movement becomes particularly important. Our party believes that the struggle of the working people in Greece and in Europe in general will reinforce and confront capital’s forces more decisively as long as the working people realise that the EU constitutes an imperialist interstate union that serves capital’s needs, that it can neither serve the interests of the people, nor change.
     KKE explains its strategy to the people clarifying that people’s power cannot exist within the framework of the EU and NATO; that there is no intermediate stage between capitalism and socialism; that our era is an era of transition from capitalism to socialism. The prospect of another type of state power, the struggle for socialism will strengthen as long as the workers recognize that the overthrow of monopoliy power entails the disengagement from the EU; as long as their demands express their real needs instead of being trapped in dilemmas about the management of the system.
     In our country the working class and the popular strata face the barbaric attack launched under the pretext of the crisis by the government of PASOK along with the EU and the IMF and with the support of the liberal party of ND and the nationalist party LAOS. The resistance of the working class, of the Greek and immigrant workers, is marked by the action of KKE and PAME, by the rallies of the self-employed, the small and medium sized farmers that organise the struggle and carry out a consistent ideological struggle against the bourgeois ideology. These forces struggle for the people’s power and for another path of development that will serve the people’s needs; they fight against the class collaboration promoted by the compromised trade union leaderships affiliated with the ITUC, against anti-communism, against the dangerous role of opportunism in Europe, where the European Left Party, the EU mechanism for the transmutation of the communist parties, plays the leading part.
     Nowadays there is a need to strengthen the process of joint analysis and joint action of the communist parties in Europe so as to strike ideological and political blows against opportunism, to confront the positions calling for co-operation with social democracy and the bodies of opportunism in the name of the “unity of the left”; to confront positions about a better management of the exploitative system in the framework of the EU.
     Our party supports with all its powers the Meetings of Communist and Workers’ Parties. We salute the decision to hold the 12th International Meeting in South Africa. KKE seeks the development of joint struggle and the co-ordination of the Communist Parties around anti-monopoly anti-imperialist goals. We pursue a distinct presence of communist and workers’ parties, communist forces in general that work for the formation of a unified revolutionary strategy of the international communist movement that will contribute to the overcoming of the crisis of the communist movement. For that reason, there is a need to form a distinct communist pole.
     Dear comrades, our parties are linked up with bonds of solidarity and co-operation. Please accept our wishes for success in your congress.

Nieuwe Communistische Partij van Nederland
New Communist Party of the Netherlands

Dear Comrades,
     The Central Committee of the New Communist Party of the Netherlands wishes the Communist Party of Ireland a successful 24th National Congress.
     We all have to face a new period of capitalist destruction. We see especially in Ireland the financial and economical situation is very grave. Capitalism is not longer able to give answers the people are waiting for. New challenges for progressive and communist parties are growing.
     Finding the right answers on questions the masses are dealing with is very important. The ideological struggle, the fight for cultural influence and the way to get the young people involved in our struggle are very important.
     We share your view it’s very important to
     We express our solidarity with the Communist Party of Ireland and will fight the same struggle in our country.
     Long live international solidarity.

Komunistyczna Partia Polski
Communist Party of Poland
Central Committee

Dear Comrades,
     The Communist Party of Poland warmly greets the 24th National Congress of the fraternal CP of Ireland. We wish you a fruitful and successful meeting.
     On this occasion, we would also like to thank you for your participation in the protest against new anti-people’s measures in Warsaw in June this year. The latest progress of the EU anti-communist campaign aiming at the criminalization of the communist movement and the Marxist-Leninist ideology, makes more and more clear that the international response from Communist Parties is necessary. As the imperialist attack is directed at many countries, our answer should be also international.
     It is known that the crisis of the communist movement is only temporary. We are certain that our organizations will eventually be rebuilt and achieve success, as a vanguard of the working class. There are no doubts that the future of mankind belongs to socialism/communism guided by the science of Marxism-Leninism. The history of the XX century socialism proved that socialism is the alternative to imperialism.
     We wish you all the best, Comrades in your struggle for Communism.

Partido Comunista Português
Portuguese Communist Party
Central Committee

Dear Comrades,
     We would like to convey fraternal greetings from the Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party to the 24th Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland and to all the delegates and comrades who take part in it.
     On this occasion, we wish you all the success in the proceedings of your Congress and in your struggle to strengthen popular resistance against the offensive which, in the name of the crisis, is launched by the government and the Irish dominating classes against the rights of the working class and the popular masses.
     The worsening of the international crisis, as well as its effects on the working people, namely in the European continent, shows the unsolvable contradictions of capitalism, highlighting its historic limits and its exploiting, oppressive and violent character, and also the timeliness and validity of the class struggle and of Marxism-Leninism.
     The communists are faced with complex and demanding challenges. Challenges arising from a situation where imperialism’s violent offensive holds great and increasing dangers to the workers and the peoples, their rights, democracy, sovereignty and peace, but at the same time, a situation that holds a real potential to develop the struggle of the peoples and, through it, build up the necessary strength to pursue and bring closer the real alternative—Socialism.
     In the European continent, in a context of a deep economic and social crisis, the European Union confirms its neoliberal, militarist and federalist nature, expands as an instrument of economic and political dominance by the dominating classes and big capital and launches ahead towards the concentration and centralization of economic and political power.
     But reality in our continent demonstrates also that it is possible to resist the attacks that aim to turn back History. We face with confidence the struggles that are under way all over the European continent as is the case of Portugal. Struggles that will be more effective the stronger become the class trade union movement and the Communist parties, with their identity, autonomy, self organisation, connection with the working and popular masses and ability to strengthen the necessary co-operation and solidarity that can contribute to halt the dark projects and goals of the dominating classes in Europe.
     It is in this direction and guided by these principles that in Portugal our Party carries out its intervention and struggle. The strengthening of its organisation and connection with the workers and our people represent core features of the firm combat that we pursue against the right-wing policy of the Socialist Party’s government and of our struggle in defence of the achievements of the 1974 April Revolution. A struggle that alongside with the resistance against the anti-social and anti-democratic measures of the Parties of the right wing policy (Right wing and social democracy) mobilizes the Portuguese workers and people around the affirmation of the need for a patriotic and left-wing political rupture, a central feature for an advanced democracy for Portugal, having in the horizon the construction of socialism in our country.
     We reiterate, dear comrades, our wishes for all the success in the proceedings of your Congress and please accept our Fraternal Greetings.

Коммунистическая партия Российской Федерации
Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Central Committee

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation we warmly welcome you, the delegates of the 24th National Congress of the Communist Party of Ireland entitled “BUILD THE PEOPLE’S RESISTANCE—FOR A PEOPLE’S ALTERNATIVE.”
     This Congress is particularly important, as it is convened under tough circumstances of global economic crisis and aggravation of world imperialism offensiveness. We witness the brave struggle of the Irish people against the Government and the Irish ruling class, who are using state power to make workers pay for the crisis, and resistance against the role and policies of European monopoly capitalism in the political form of the European Union.
     You will have to define the strategy and tactics of the party for the coming years to face challenges of struggling to build a socialist future, of resisting imperialism, of fighting for national freedom and social emancipation, towards building the CPI and building the people’s resistance, and forming-up the forces that will push forward a democratic solution to the Irish national question.
     Your activity is taking place in conditions largely different from the ones in other countries, but we are united in the fact that only the Communists can offer alternative programs that will serve everyone.
     Joint action and co-ordination of the communist parties worldwide is of great importance as never before. The CPRF is ready to contribute to the development of such co-operation.
     We wish your Party Congress every success.

ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ කොමියුනිස්ට් පක්ෂය
Communist Party of Sri Lanka

It is with great pleasure that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka sends its warmest revolutionary greetings to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ireland, on the happy occasion of its 24th. National Congress.
     Your National Congress is meeting at a time when decisive changes are taking place in the world order and the world balance of forces favouring the international working class movement. The neo-liberalism which expanded its frontiers crudely and aggressively with the collapse of the European Socialist States, has within a historically brief period of time run into crisis caused by its own internal contradictions.
     The United States’ unilateralist foreign policy and its defence policy of pre-emption have not only brought about global crises of food, energy and finance, but also misery to the people of the United States. The people of the European Union have not been spared these negative developments.
     We have no doubt that these developments will draw the urgent attention of your 24th. National Congress.
     The 19th. National Congress of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka had a successful session on August 27–29 2010, with the graceful participation of eight fraternal parties from abroad.
     We take this opportunity to express our wish and determination to strengthen further the bonds of fraternal relations between our two Parties, guided by the principles of proletarian internationalism.

Partido Comunista de Venezuela
Communist Party of Venezuela

It gives me great pleasure to send you fraternal greetings, in the name of the leadership and the militants of our Communist Party of Venezuela, to all the comrades participating in your important Congress.
     In the present conditions, with the evident sharpening of the global crisis of capitalism, the cohesion of all the communist parties with other progressive forces is of the utmost importance. Here in Venezuela, that is the policy which we Venezuelan Communists have been implementing for the last twelve years, with a view to the consolidation of our Bolivarian Revolution.
     We wish you great success in the work of your Congress, as a contribution to the development and advance of the world revolutionary forces.

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