Working Group of International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties agrees the venue of the next meeting

The Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties held a meeting in Beirut on the 22nd of February 2014, hosted by the Lebanese Communist Party and attended by twenty delegates representing fifteen countries from various continents, while those parties unable to attend sent letters of apology.
     Dr Khalid Hdadeh inaugurated the meeting with a political discussion on the increased imperialist offensive, under the leadership of the USA, its European allies and reactionary Arab regimes, on different people of the world and on the national sovereignty of their states. Comrade Khalid reiterated that the confrontation in our Arab region is between the aspirations of the Arab people that have risen to demand freedom, democracy, national sovereignty, social progress and democratic change on the one hand and the aggressive American-imperialist offensive, which aims to reassert its hegemony in our region, and indeed throughout the world, through its continued support to counter-revolutionary forces and reactionary regimes on the other hand.
     Indeed our region today lies in the eye of the storm of this offensive, witnessing a raging conflict between the USA and its allies on the one hand and Russia on the other hand to revisit the division of their influence in the region and the world. Comrade Khalid reiterated that confronting the aggressive imperialist offensive, and its implications for world peace and the violation of the national sovereignty of states, puts the burden on international communist and workers’ parties to fulfil their historical tasks in unifying their efforts in their struggle against the world capitalist system and its aggression and supporting the rights of the people of the world to freedom, democracy, national sovereignty, self-determination and social progress in the context of the struggle for socialism.
     Comrade Khalid reiterated the main pillars of the policy of the Lebanese Communist Party regarding the Palestinian cause and the Syrian crisis while elaborating on the intricacies of the Lebanese situation, which remains in dire straits.
     The party delegates then discussed the items on the agenda and their tasks as international communist and workers’ parties in resisting and confronting the imperialist aggressive offensive and wars, both at the international level and within each country on an individual basis. The meeting resulted in the following conclusions:
     • Firstly, the WG of the IMCWP agreed on holding the 16th meeting of communist and workers’ parties in November 2014 in Ecuador and committed itself to work to hold the 17th meeting in Turkey in response to the invitation of the Turkish Communist Party in this regard.
     • Secondly, the WG of the IMCWP discussed the “Common Activities” paper approved by the 15th meeting of the IMCWP in Lisbon and outlined a calendar for these activities, including the holding of an international seminar in Egypt in September 2014 on the social and national emancipation struggles of the peoples of the Arab countries and the Middle East.
     • Thirdly, the delegates of the WG of the IMCWP condemned the external meddling in internal Ukrainian affairs, particularly from the USA and the EU, and condemned the atrocities perpetrated against the Ukrainian people, including the attack on the premises of the Ukrainian Communist Party, and reasserted their solidarity with the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian communists.
     • Fourthly, the delegates issued a statement condemning the terrorist acts of the USA against Venezuela, reiterating their solidarity with the Venezuelan people, working class, communist party, and Bolivarian government.

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